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Want a Siberian and love small cats?

Want a Siberian and love small cats?

Want a Siberian and love small cats?Want a Siberian and love small cats?

Litters are arriving!!!

February 19, 2020

Our Guiding Principles... and other things!

Yuki, one of our moms w/ her fall kits


We breed healthy Siberian Forest cats on the petite side for those who love the friendly, hypoallergenic, loyal, strong, soft and hearty Siberian but who for any reason prefer their cats—boys and girls alike—to be small to medium as long lived adults: up to 12 lbs for boys and 9 lbs for girls & as small as 7-10 lbs. for boys and 6-8 lbs for girls.


We‘ve been breeding cats (and dogs!) for nearly 20 years and we take pride in that we don’t pair up closely related cats to avoid deleterious traits like bad dentition, behavioral problems, and of course anything worse. We also are proud that we always raise all our cats in a home setting where they are free to lounge and roam in our rooms and are not kept in pens, cages, kennels, grates, crates or gates. It’s a lot of extra work and a lot of extra fun and they are happier and healthier for it.


Our cats sleep on our bed and spend all day together in society with each other (and us) so they are extremely friendly and experienced with everyday household life. We donate money from every litter to the big animal welfare societies and we also work with smaller rescues several times a year by participating in fund raisers and events! We believe that as family members of people every cat and dog should have a good forever home and guaranteed support finding one if they don’t.


We register our cats with The International Cat Association and we are a TICA registered cattery and adhere to the TICA Voluntary Code of Ethics. In our opinion, TICA is brilliant and awesome—they truly promote Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendship! And we formally pass this affiliation to you as the cat’s new protector.


Our kittens come trained to use only the litter box and they are used to having their claw tips trimmed and have begun learning to sharpen their claws on a scratching post. They also come dewormed, with their first and second vaccinations and veterinarian’s records, already spayed/neutered if our veterinarian deems them big enough and strong enough for surgery, and with a two year health guarantee.


We will sign a contract together when you come over to bring a kitten home stating that you will spay/neuter your kitten if it isn’t already, that you won’t declaw your kitten, and that you will not breed or have the kitten for any other reason than to share it’s individual companionship as a member of your household among you and your loved ones.


You will receive TICA registration and a full pedigree from the father’s and mother’s sides both after you provide proof of spaying/neutering.

Bino and Kona, new additions to PetSibs!



We feed our queens and kings (and kittens!) a mixture of good quality wet and dry food in clean bowls and we use clumping cat litter in our many covered litter boxes.

We groom them, brushing their hair and removing knots as soon as they start and cutting their nails so they aren’t tempted to “sharpen” our furniture or get serious when they play and wrestle. We have scratching posts and cat trees/jungle gyms for climbing and claw sharpening.

We feed them all 3-4 times a day and don’t leave food out so no one over grazes or becomes territorial. If an adopter ever needs details or tips on what we feed them or how we advise managing daily kitty cat habits and things, just ask and we will provide!

Our blood lines are Russian with many show champions (grand, world and international!) in our pedigrees and we have full four and five generation depth on each of our breeding cats which we give (along with registration) after you have fulfilled the wellness/spay/neuter contract obligations.

Why Petite?


We strive for our Siberians to be little in stature and small for the breed and yet every bit the big hearted Forest Cat that fans and newcomers  love and appreciate. Our cats possess classic Siberian traits...

• They are slower to mature than most breeds, continuing to grow and develop until 2-3+ years of age.

• They have low Fel d 1 counts so people with low to medium level allergies can enjoy being close to them and touching them with minimal or no allergic reaction.

• They have long back legs, jump far and high, express loyalty and good natured friendliness before selfishness and snootiness, and their coats insulate to keep them warm when it’s cold and breathe to keep them cool when it’s hot.

• They like people, kids, other cats, and dogs.

• They don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy a variety of foods.

You might have to keep an eye on their fluffy fur and help them remove various tag alongs but their incredible wispy softness and matching cuddliness make it well worth it!!

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New available kitten photos will go up in early spring!

“Claro” - ♂ - Red lynx (tabby) point and white*

Not available - someone already has brought him to his new home here in Brooklyn.

“Rosado” - ♂ - Red lynx (tabby) point

Not available - someone in Brooklyn has already come and taken him home.

“Azul “ - ♂ - Blue mackerel tabby

Not available - someone already came and took him to his new home in New Jersey.

“Plata” - ♂ - Red lynx (tabby) point

Not available - someone has already taken him to his new house in Massachusetts.

“Cielo” - ♂ - Cream lynx (tabby) point

Not available - already someone came to drive him to his new Pennsylvania home.


At summer’s end our dainty queen Yuki birthed six kittens fathered by Nikita! (all healthy) =) ^• •^ (= Each kitten has a home and Yuki is happy & well...

Blue lynx (tabby) point and white - Boy - 1st of 6 born

Not available - someone has already visited and brought him to his new home in Massachusetts.

Cream - Girl - 2nd of 6 born

Not available - someone has already come for her and she is off to her new home in Manhattan.

Tortoiseshell - Girl - 3rd of 6 born

Not available - someone has picked her up already and taken her home to Manhattan.

Red mackerel tabby - Boy - 4th of 6 born

Not available - he will remain here at the Petite Siberians cattery.

Red lynx (tabby) point and white - Girl - 5th of 6 born

Not available - she will remain here at the Petite Siberians cattery.

Red lynx (tabby) point - Boy - 6th of 6 born

Not available - someone has already come over and taken him home to Connecticut.

Kimchi as a 10 week old baby...

G.R. who came over in late December 2019...

My family and I were looking for a hypoallergenic cat when I happened upon Petite Siberians.  As luck would have it, two adorable kittens were available, and my daughter and I were invited to Jamie’s to select one.  We were encouraged to spend as much time as we wanted, to observe and play with the kittens.  I immediately noticed that all of Jamie’s cats were friendly and sociable, and that the kittens themselves were being hand raised in a home setting (not in cages).  The cats were free to roam and engage freely with each other and the adults.  Jamie was extremely accommodating and patient while we took ages to make a decision.  Once home, our kitten transitioned remarkably quickly to his new surroundings, using the litterbox immediately and eating well. As we had never taken in a kitten, Jamie was immediately responsive with my many questions and concerns, and we felt fully supported and secure in our decision.  He is extremely knowledgeable about transitioning kittens to their homes. I appreciate the conscientious care that Petite Siberians devoted to raising our kitten in the early weeks, because over the months, Kimchi has remained as friendly, affectionate and happy as he was when we adopted him. He has become an integral and loving part of our family, very easy going with visitors and gorgeously charismatic. I heartily recommend Petite Siberians to anyone looking to bring one into their home.  The whole experience was extremely positive.


Prepared to welcome one of our kittens into your family?

If we don’t currently have kittens available but you have decided you will get one from us in an upcoming litter OR if we do have kittens available and you see one who you want to bring home and you are ready to provide it ongoing companionship and a loving forever home, please click the Ready Adoption Form link below to both inquire and apply.

Please tell us all about you and the home you’ll provide for the kitten and of course feel free to ask questions.

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